“Such a fun class and Gloria makes everyone welcome and included no matter what your fitness or dancing ability!! Fun fun fun.” — Liz


“Friendly class and instructor. Steps are explained, would recommend to anyone who is new to Zumba.”
— Eleanor

Gloria is an amazing instructor, full of good humour and always energetic and encouraging. Her classes always feel like a party! You are guaranteed to have a great time and also a good workout.”  — Ilenia


“Lifts your spirits mid week ! Every class is fun nothing too serious or daunting for beginners, varied music for all tastes, great for all ages, great value for money , very social and you burn calories at the same time ! Love it !!!!”
— Michelle


Amazing class!!! Keeping you active with great and positive vibes/environment; great variety of moves, rhythms and routines… and lots and lots of fun!! Prefect choice of day, midweek, to shake the stress off and re-energise yourself to complete your week! Once you try it you’ll never stop coming! It is a family, Zumba Family ♡” — Lali


“Inspiring and fun! Great music and energy.” — Mandy


“By far one of the best and most inclusive classes this side of South London. Gloria has a natural ability to make people comfortable. Every class is high energy and full of fun and laughter. I would recommend it to anybody that is a regular Zumba goer or a starter – she caters for everybody and always keeps it fresh with new moves and new tracks.” — Sheena


Gloria is as real as they come and that what makes her so special as an instructor. Every class is full of fun, laughter, high energy and positive vibes. She always manages to keep it fresh and funky with an eclectic mix of music and choreography! You are guaranteed to come out, sweaty, on a high and smiling!” — Sheena

4 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. What a great class and gloria is a great teacher. Never been zumba before now i go everyweek. The people in the class and very friendly even though i didnt know any of the steos. Came out there sweating and couldnt wait for the next lesson. What a great workout.

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